Gunite Pool Repair & Renovation Greenville SC & Upstate SC

Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is sprayed on a surface reinforced with rebar and then covered by plaster to create a water barrier. Sometimes gunite swimming pools can crack and start to leak. This can be caused by changes in temperature, ground shifts, and freezing and thawing of the ground. Aqua Blue Pools can help repair your gunite pool.
Or Renovate?
Sometimes repairs are a must, but sometimes you just want something that looks better. Even swimming pools get outdated. We can help. Much like a major repair, we will start by draining the pool. Then according to your preferences, new stone or concrete decking can be installed. The crew installs new waterline tile and coping. Then we apply pebbletec for a custom interior. Then it is time to fill up your old gunite swimming pool, and look at the beauty a renovation can create!
Call us to see what we can do to get your gunite swimming pool back into pristine condition through repair or renovation. We serve Upstate SC including: Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Taylors.

1. Existing pool with white plaster and blue tile. Concrete deck with brick rowlock border. 2. Demolition begins with removal of existing concrete deck.
3. Deck and rowlock has been removed. Forms and prep work for new slab have been completed. 4. Crews install new concrete slab.
5. Crews install new waterline tile. 6. Custom bluestone coping being installed.
7. Coping and tile has been installed. Plaster has been removed and pool has been cleaned and prepped for custom pebbletec interior. 8. New brick rowlock borders, exactly replicating the original design, have been installed.
9. Pool has been filled. Crews install random pattern stone decking. 10. Completed project. Beautiful !

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